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Anne Versailles, lives and works in Brussels. Biologist and walker artist, geopoet and sound designer, she works mainly with fieldrecording. Her work explores displacement, crossing and slowness. As a sound artist, she collects sounds while crossing territories and composes acousmatic works born from the energy of the crossed landscape that she then diffuses in the form of in situ sound installations. Her work questions the infra and the infinitesimal, what cannot be seen, the details, the roughnesses as well as the small joys, scratching the surface, awakening the non-visible, the inaudible.


She composes also for radio creation, theater or sound walks. She also writes and publishs poetry and her literary work is not different from her sound work, the two are often mixed. She has shown her work at international institutions, among others,, Ars Electonica Linz, FRAC Grand Large Dunkerque.


She is member of ACSR (Belgian association for sound and radio creation), Pepason (french association of soundscape pedagogues), and RASCAL (Research on Animal Song in Culture, Arts and Literature).

and sound

Some works :

sarek jietna illu bande.jpg
SAREK JIETNA   -   poetic and acousmatic creation

SAREK JIETNA is an interior journey in the heart of the most remote mountains of Sapmi (Lapland). Where the wind blows, whistles, roars, whispers. Where the snow cracks, shudders, whistles, crackles, rubs or squeaks. Where the ice rolls, scrapes, crunches and tinkles. Where one does not enter by chance, but by leaving the comfort of daily certainties. Where, in a hullabaloo, you lose your footing and your bearings, where everything gets blurred, jostled, where you sink until you let yourself be crossed. Then everything calms down, widens. Then, maybe we can hear what the Earth is singing.

Poetic and acousmatic piece - 35min56 - stereo


banderolle arbres.jpg
FRONDAI'SONS   -   soundwalk

Frondai'Sons is a geolocalized sound walk, created with users of the Forest of Raismes-St-Amand-les-Eaux (France - 59), local residents and biologists  of the Scarpe-Escaut Natural Park. The objective is to incite the walkers to leave the paths and to sink under the Frondai'Sons of the forest.

In situ numerical sound installation


Zwanze UK.jpg

Sound game installed on the Place Flagey in Ixelles (Brussels). Geolocalized digital sound installation that allows the audience to mix its own soundscape while walking on the square with your smartphone and headphones.

In situ geolocalized sound installation


Frac sieste2.jpg

My sound creations are regularly diffused in the form of sound siestas. A way to give back to the landscape the sounds I captured there.

Sound installations


Garanas lokte, where the raven waits for us.
Frozen textures, layers that seem to come down from the mountains, "Garanas lokte" is a work composed exclusively with sounds collected in Swedish Lapland while the snow still covers the whole landscape but under the white coat, life is there, ready to explode as soon as the breakup transforms it into water.

Acousmatic piece - 14min52 - stereo


Prison of Dunkerque. The inmates trace a route in the city that I walk and record. Then I offer them to listen to their route and the sounds of the outside.

The sounds were then exposed in a sound installation in the casemates of Dunkerque.

Capture d’écran 2023-03-15 à 11.11.14.png

With, association for sound pedagogy, we develop researchs and practices of sound mapping

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